Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Re-arranging after the holidays

Happy New Year to everyone! 
 Well, I am finally taking the first step towards starting one of my New Years Resolutions...to blog! 
 I am really looking forward to blogging about all things interior design and how each one of us can be a Domestic Diva.  What is a Domestic Diva you may ask?  I think it is any person who is into making their home their castle...whatever that may look like to you.  It's someone who takes pride in their home and really gets into creating a space that represents the people who live in the home.  In fact, my husband is a Domestic Diva!  He cooks and cleans and even gives great input when I want to change the furniture around...which happens every month in our house!

What about you...how often do you re-arrange your furniture and accessories?  And why or why not?

I think this time of year is a great time to re-arrange furniture, accessories and artwork...think about it, you've taken down the tree and packed away all your Christmas decorations and now it seems so bare in your home.  
Here are some tips and inspiration to get your Domestic Diva juices flowing to update, freshen up and jazz up your home today!
Tip 1
Assess what you have.
Start with one room at a time and determine what artwork and accessories you want to keep or which ones you want to give away...you know the old saying, "one mans junk is another mans treasure".  So if you don't love it, if it doesn't move you and make you smile...get rid of it.

Examples of accessories courtesy of State Street Interiors & Furniture

Tip 2
Determine the look you want to achieve
What is the overall look and feel you want that room to convey about you?
For most people, we need some kind of visual inspiration.  You can get inspiration from anywhere, however, I suggest houzz.com or pinterest...choose just a few pictures like the examples from  houzz.com 

Wall art accessories

Fun vignette table top setting

Accessory vignette example

Tip 3
Start creating your vignette...
What is a vignette?  It is simply small groupings of a piece of furniture with accessories.  I always suggest doing odd numbers with the accessories and varied heights and textures. Here are a couple of before and after examples of how to create these cozy little vignettes.

Before-Just setting a chair and ottoman doesn't cut it.

After-add a floor lamp for task lighting when reading and ambient lighting for a cozy glow.  Add an accent pillow and a little tray for your accessories.

Before...Here is the average furniture arrangement with the sofa against a wall and a small centerpiece bowl in the center.

After...angle your sofa away from the wall slightly to give visual interest.  Layer elements like plants and a floor lamp behind in that void.  Make sure to include a table to set a book or a drink on each side and -no- they don't have to match.  How much warmer and inviting is this just by grouping accessories in these key areas around the sofa.

For your coffee table, it is just so fun to use books as risers or a platform for fun accessories you may have packed away in a closet. Get them out and start grouping!

Ready, set, go!

And if you have questions or comments please give your input below.  I look forward to seeing some before and afters from you!